Upcoming Events

Here's a snapshot of our events lined up for 2021, with more to be announced.

Journal Club
Healthspan Research Assistants Program
Case Competition

Healthspan Research Assistants Program

Healthspan Research Assistants (HRA) are passionate or curious about research within the field of ageing biology. The HRA program enables successful applicants to become actively involved in biogerontology research at the University of Sydney.

HRA 2021 Intake

Successful HRAs will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of and contribute towards current research into fundamental organismal ageing and interventions against ageing. They will also gain general scientific and interpersonal experience as an active member of a research team.
Applications are open to all second-year and above University of Sydney undergraduates studying a degree programme with life sciences components. Successful HRAs should be prepared to commit up to a maximum of 10 hours per week, and be aware that this commitment will take place during term time. Hours are typically spread across multiple weekdays and occasionally weekends, depending on the nature of research or lab work. Please only apply if you are able to make such a commitment. HRAs will only receive recognition of their placement upon satisfactory completion of their placement duration and assigned tasks. Please note that this is a voluntary position and will not be funded.
Successful HRAs are encouraged to maintain a long-term placement and should plan their own end-date with their supervisor.
Applications will be reviewed together after the deadline, not on a rolling basis.

Healthspan Journal Club

THP is starting up a fortnightly Journal Club where students get together to discuss intriguing research findings and media releases in the field of ageing research.

Journal Club #1

Introduction to ageing populations and The Hallmarks of Ageing (Lopez-Otin et al. 2013).

Journal Club #2

Long term anabolic-androgenic steroid use is associated with deviant brain aging (Bjornebekk et al. 2021)

Journal Club #3

Introduction to anti-ageing interventions and gene editing.